Heka Apparel – Think Wear: Multifaceted, Deep, and Thought Provoking Designs is a brand of Heka Multimedia. Heka Multimedia was created in 2012 when we noticed an absence of any true modern representation of the artistic legacy left behind by the ancient Egyptians. In ancient times the pictures, symbols, and messages they left were not just art as we understand it today, they were created as a systemized visual education tool. Heka Apparel is here to continue that visual education, and to provoke conversation and critical thinking.
The word Heka is an ancient Egyptian word that is usually misunderstood to mean ‘magic’, but it is actually a much deeper concept meaning ‘the ability to transfer thought into manifested effects’. Multimedia is the use of a range of mediums to get a message across. By supporting Heka Multimedia and Heka Apparel, you are  assisting in the process of our ability to remember the African genius that once existed in ancient Egypt. Heka Multimedia’s vision is to become one of the primary sources worldwide for the revival of ancient Egyptian and African culture. You will love our high-quality products whether you are committed to the revival of Egyptian legacy, or whether you simply enjoy Egyptian art.